1967 Winter Term, Port Jackson

Ago - Port Jackson Winter 1967 term









It’s hard to check out but…


David Inglesby (67-71) provided the photo above and is trying to recall all the names. He writes:


I’m on the left end of the 3rd row back, below and to the left of the chap with the drainpipe coming out of his head (Hardcastle, RIP I believe). My mate, living and working on this boat with me at the moment is Simon Coles, in the same row, directly above the Chief, Mitchell. Don’t know what happened to the latter. Seated at the end on the right is Andrew Tesoriere, who often features in the OP Magazine (a UK ambassador). So at least one person out of that lot has had an interesting life and done something useful!
It would be fun to find out what everyone else has been doing for the last 50 years.”