A break on the Broads 1961













From the bulging historic photographic portfolio of Andrew Herbert (58-62) via Sam Strachan (58-62) in Melbourne, Australia and originally from Brian Panisset (58-63) who lives in New South Wales, a bit north of Sydney, we received the image above of Pangbournianjs at play taken in 1961.


It shows a group of Pangbournians, yet to leave the NCP, who took a break together on the Norfolk Broads on the boat Sparkling Foam in the summer of 1961. Left to right: Andrew Scott-Priestley (58-62), RF Gates (58-63), BD Panisset (58-63), JF Gates (58-63) and RA Swann (58-62).


Robert Swann later became a well-known actor before dying in 2006. Andrew Scott-Priestley found his metier in the head-hunting world and still lives in Berkshire. The Gates brothers have been “lost” on the OP data base for many years.


Brian Panisset stayed with Richard ‘Sam’ Strachan (58-62) in Melbourne in November, 2016 – the first time the pair had met in 54 years.  Sam wrote:


“How good it was to have OP Brian Panisset, and his wife Lin, to stay for a night during a visit to Victoria. On his own admittance, Brian has taken relatively little interest in the College since leaving, but it was a pleasure to present him with the late Ian Lindsay’s copy of the Centenary Book.  I strongly sensed it re-kindled a flame! Only a term below me, Brian was a true academic at the NCP with something like 100 ‘O’ Levels and 50 ‘A’s – well maybe not quite – with a distinct bent towards the sciences.  As a ‘humanities’ man myself, all I could do in Physics and Chemistry exams was to write my name and draw the margin very neatly!  Whatever.. it was excellent to see him again after 54 years – voice just the same, as was the always-dry wit that his friends and colleagues at the College enjoyed so much.”
[Brian Panisset (l) & Sam Strachan]