Alan Willson (54-57)

Alan Willson (54-57) died at the age of 74 in September, 2015. He lived in Devon and is survived by his wife and a step daughter. His brother Colin writes:

“On leaving Pangbourne, Alan joined the Army Intelligence Regiment. He saw active service during the 60’s and 70’s in Cyprus and Borneo. Later, he became a senior member of the Intelligence Team in Northern Ireland.  He was required to spend extended periods of time there, without a break, at the height of the Troubles, to provide a continuity of information for other British units as they arrived and ended their tours of duty. He was awarded an MBE for his active service. After leaving the Army, he became a popular and respected member of staff at St Loye’s College, Exeter, with responsibilities for security. It was then that he married another member of the staff. In his later life he suffered from serious illness and disability which forced him into early retirement.”