Richard Kendall (75-79)

  Richard Kendall (75-79) who is based in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA as CEO of HAECO Americas, a large aerospace and aircraft maintenance company, recently visited Sylvan Heights Bird Park, owned and run by Mike Lubbock (57-61). He was on his way back to Greensboro with his family from the North Carolina coast at the…


Chris Ledsam (64-68)

Chris Ledsam (64-68) and his wife put in appearances at the West Country lunch in Brixham, Devon, in April – something of a first for Chris who has not been back to the College since the term after he left nearly 50 years ago.   Now living in Portsmouth and running a company that makes…


Frank Cox (57-62)

Frank Cox (57-62) attended his first reunion since leaving the NCP 58 years earlier when he and his wife were at the excellent West Country centenary lunch in Brixham, Devon in April. He said that he enjoyed the experience so perhaps it won’t be another fifty years before his next appearance!   In his words:…


Val Were (38-41)

    Val Were (Hesperus 1938-41) is only one of two born and bred New Zealand OPs and is probably the second oldest still up and running at 93 after Keith Evans (33-37).  Val was hoping to be at the Centenary Gala Dinner at the RNZYS on 25th February, but decided a couple of weeks…


Tim Prettejohn (55-59)

    Tim Prettejohn (55-59) died at Cairns Base Hospital in Queensland, Australia in February 3, 2017 following a stroke and a major brain haemorrhage.   Tim’s sister-in-law Alix Prettejohn writes:  “Tim was born in 1941 and grew up, almost on the Equator, on his father’s farm on the foothills of Mt. Kenya.  The farm…



  Tim Tilden-Smith (43-46), a retired financial expert who lives on Guernsey, got in touch to share the image above with his contemporaries.   When Tim was at the NCP, the College possessed a river boat nicknamed “Dogo” by the cadets. Many years later in the 1980s, when Tim was working in the Bahamas, he…


OP Ladies brooch on sale




The OP Society has had a brooch for OP Ladies designed. It is now on sale through the College Shop.


The cost of the brooch is £20 including postage and packing.


If you would like to buy the brooch, please email