F.E.R. Phillips (45-49)

                        Commander Rex Phillips (45-49) RN died peacefully on May 29th, 2015.  His widow Shirley writes:   “My husband always thought affectionately of his days at Pangbourne. I enclose a photo of him that I like very much; he would have been 35 at…


R.V. Richards (56-59)

Roger Richards (56-59) went into the Merchant Navy on leaving the NCP but only lasted a year with Ellermans before a serious accident ended his career at sea. Subsequently he trained as a carpenter and became a leading building contractor in Southeast England, at one time employing 147 people. He now lives in Kent.

CWP Reception held on Cutty Sark

                  What is believed to be the first Conway-Worcester-Pangbourne event in the UK was held on Monday 1st June 2015 on the world’s most famous and fastest clipper ship, the Cutty Sark, in Greenwich, southeast London.   Around 250 people were present including 40 OPs and their…


Three new Honorary OPs elected

At the recent meeting of the OP Society committee held at the Naval Club in London, three new Honorary OPs were proposed by the Chairman of the Society Merrick Rayner and elected unanimously. They are:   Alexandra Garnier, the wife of the Headmaster. Over the past ten years Alex has evolved into an enthusiastic supporter…


In Search of Mike Cumberlege (19-22)

                      A 6,000 word monograph about OP Mike Cumberlege (19-22) has been published by another OP, Robin Knight (56-61).     The booklet describes the exotic pre-World War 11 life and subsequent daring wartime career in the Special Operations Executive (SOE) of Lt. Cdr. Mike…


David James Lewis

2015 - Alan Vasa in Monaco with David James Lewis











Alan and Rita Vasa recently visited Monaco on holiday where they had an enjoyable evening with David James Lewis who is an aircraft broker based in the principality.




Younger OPs please respond!

An OP Society BBQ with leavers will be held on Friday 12th June at the College   Young OPs, in particular, are urged to attend – we need at least ten to make this event work.   The idea behind the get-together is to explain both what the OP Society does and to talk about…


Calling all OPs in Hong Kong, Macau & China

Michael Duck (69-74), who lives in Hong Kong, is hoping to revive OP events there. He writes:   “Do you have a list of OPs in HK/Macau/China ? Can you send me names/divs /years and email ?   Many years ago we had a Conway/Worcester/Pangbourne Association drink on the last Friday of the month at…


Michael Duck (69-74)

                        Michael writes:  “I have not been a great OP in terms of visiting as I have lived outside the UK for many years. But I did send two of my three children to Pangbourne and I did host a dinner at the HK…


Charles Bown (73-75)

                  Charles Bown (72-76) lives in the USA and works for Filtration Systems Inc. in Chicago.  He writes:   “I have been in email contact with Jeff Beech (71-75) (Minneapolis, Minnesota) and Wayne Heyland (65-69) (Greenwich, Connecticut) – two of the OP Reps in the United States.…