Going on a creep in the early 1970s

David Inglesby (67-71) wrote to the Editor of the OP Magazine: “Have you ever considered running a piece on extra-curricular activities which took place at the College? I was thinking that perhaps you might, at the risk of corrupting the youth of today, ask for contributions from OP’s about recollections (by now possibly greatly embellished),…


Rohan Batra (06-11)

Rohan completed the Reading Half Marathon in March in one hour 42 minutes. He raised £245 for the charity ‘Toe in the Water’ which helps injured servicemen and women to recover from their injuries through competitive sailing.

Rohan is a Sailing Instructor and Venue Technician.

Geoff Popple (58-62)

The OP Rep. in Cape Town reports that he completed the grueling 2014 Cape Argus/Pick n Pay Momentum Cycle Tour of the Cape Peninsula March 8 in 5 hours 42 minutes. This represented a huge improvement of nearly an hour on Geoff’s last effort in this marathon in 2012. Modestly, he puts it down to…


Mike Smith (60-65)

“As a matter of interest, St Paul Press in Mumbai, India, are publishing an edition of my book “The Fullness of Life” sometime this year. This is somewhat surprising at they are a leadingCatholic publishing house and I’m an unrepentant Non-Conformist Protestant! I was in India lastNovember for a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, I’ve just…


Ben Brunton (90-95)

“I began clay target shooting back in 1993 while at the College. With early instruction and coaching, it became evident that I had a good eye and natural ability for this demanding sport. Since then I have represented England and GB at home and overseas. In 1999 I became world champion. In 2003, with my…


Paddy Evelegh (58-61)

The OP Rep. in Perth, Western Australia, reports (March 20, 2014): “We had a Conway, Worcester, Pangbourne gathering in Fremantle the other day and had three from Pangers – Mike Furlong (52-55), myself and John Firth (54-58) who I now discover spends half of most years “Down Under” to escape the British winter. John is…


B.J. BENSON-DARE (37-39)

Brian Benson-Dare (37-39) died on 4th February, 2014, according to a report received from his son. Benson-Dare served in the Royal Navy during the war and was involved in 12 Arctic convoys to the Soviet Union and in the sinking of the Bismark. After the war he served in the Metropolitan Police from 1952-78. His…


D.J. Fisher (59-62)

                                               David J. Fisher (59-62) died on 1st March, 2014, following a short battle with cancer. He was 68.David joined Port Line after the NCP and spent most of his life at sea, also…