Tom Tribe (48-52)

OPs may be interested to know that I am giving a series of talks, starting in November in the Alresford (Hampshire) area, on Australia’s first submarines. The AE1 and AE2 were launched one hundred years’ ago in 1913. They were built in Barrow-in-Furness and manned by composite Australian and British crews. AE1 vanished without trace…


Roger Slater (57-61)

I returned to Founders’ Day this year (2013) for the first time in many years and was horrified! They have removed the cable over the parade ground. How can any Drum Major prove themselves worthy of the title without a cable to toss the mace over?

Peter Tambling (50-53)

I’m involved in the National Coast Watch Institute at Portland Bill. Not long ago someone called Mike Goddard came into my watch for training. On asking him if he had any seagoing experience, his response was unbelievable. “Oh yes, I went into Blue Funnel from a school you’ve never heard of.” “What school was that,”…


Rupert Bates (76-81)

The 150th anniversary edition of the prestigious Wisden cricket almanac carries an article “Engraved in the memory” by Rupert about his great uncle, the illustrator, engraver and painter Eric Ravilious. Ravilious was commissioned in 1938 to produce an engraving for a redesigned cover for Wisden. For the past 76 years (with a hiatus in 2003)…


Bettina Vetter (1970-2013)

                                            Die Farberkonigin “Bettina Vetter was not the first Housemistress at Pangbourne – that distinction belongs to Sam Harrod – but in many ways she was the definitive Housemistress of St. George, presiding over girls’ boarding in the formative, critical decade when the whole enterprise of taking girls, boarders especially, across all ages was central…


P.C.W. Hoblyn (40-44)

Peter Hoblyn (40-44) died on 19th May, 2013, aged 86. He was a former Master Mariner and a well-known stockbroker in the City of London. He left three children and seven grand-children and a sister, Wendy. His son Richard writes: “At the age of eight Peter entered Ripley Court preparatory school in Surrey. By all…


Michael Smith (60-65)

Mike is developing a career as an obituary writer in the national press. Recently obituaries he has written (of the diplomat Stephen Miles & the SOE operative Margaret Jackson) have appeared in The Scotsman, The Independent and The Guardian.

Successful OPGS meeting at Huntercombe GC

Eighteen OPGS members eventually turned out for what proved to be a successful meeting at Huntercombe GC near Henley  on Tuesday 18th June, writes OPGS Secretary Charlie Parry. In the morning round   Andrew Feary won with 37 points and I was runner up with 36 points. In the afternoon foursomes  Nick Beattie and William Donaldson…


Graham Thomas (43-45)

Graham Thomas (43-45) died in May, 2013, aged 85. His son-in-law gave the Address at his funeral on which this obituary is based. In part, he said: “Graham was born in 1929, the middle son of three brothers.  Perhaps because he was the second son it was presumed that he would follow a career in…