R.E.F. Horley (42-45)

Rob Edward Falconer Horley died on April 10th, 2011. His neighbour Peter Hughes (51-55) writes: “On leaving the NCP in 1945 Rob joined Royal Mail Line and obtained his Mate’s ticket. He left the sea in 1949  and then did his National Service. Subsequently he was commissioned in the RASC, specialising in water transport, and…


P. G. Penny (53-57)

The Hon Patrick Penny died in France on 10th September, 2010, after complications following an operation for cancer of the oesophagus. His lifelong friend Anthony Fenwick-Wilson (53-57) writes: ‘Ricky’ Penny, the second son of Viscount Marchwood, joined Pangbourne in January, 1953. After his first year in Port Jackson, he moved up to MacQuarie as his…


W.V.J. Huelin (52-57)

Joe Huelin died on November 2nd, 2010, aged 71.

According to information received from his partner of the last 20 years, Dorothy Kegg, Joe Huelin died in November 2010. He had been ill for some time. We have no other information.

Ewen Scobie (64-68)

Ex-soldier who protected a corner of the Scottish Highlands dies. Ewen Scobie (64-68), the laird of Rhidorroch at Ullapool, died of a brain tumour at the end of February, 2011, aged 60. He had been ill for sometime. Born in Inverness and raised on the Black Isle, Ewen played a leading role in campaigns against…


Robin Paine (55-58)

Robin divides his time in retirement between Kent and Auckland, New Zealand. He is in the process of writing a book with an ex-Hoverlloyd Captain, who now lives in Tasmania, called “On a Cushion of Air – The History of Hoverlloyd and the Hovercraft” – to be published in May, 2012. “We have been at…


Patrick Fison (44-47)

Patrick Fison died in Perth, Western Australia, in April, 2011, at the age of 80. Pat Fison started out as a cadet with Blue Funnel line on leaving the NCP in 1947. However, his eyesight failed him and he joined Cunard in the early 1950s as a purser. He sailed with Cunard for many years,…


Garth McDonald (59-63)

After a career of 48 years Garth McDonald is preparing to hang up his compass and retire to the Hampshire/Dorset borders. In an amazingly varied life, mostly spent at sea, Garth has managed to sail only under the Red Ensign – surely a unique record these days. If any OP can do better please let…


Paddy Evelegh (58-61)

Paddy is the OP Rep. in Perth, Western Australia. He writes that he is “still pressurised into undertaking maritime affairs and consequently still spends a fair time climbing up and down pilot ladders. It’s ridiculous at my age though good for the soul and keeps me occupied.” He will be in London May 6-19 visiting…


Jonathan Priest (57-61)

“It seems incredible that it is 50 years this summer since we were all up the hill at Pangbourne,” Jonathan writes from Perth, Western Australia. “I socialise with Paddy Evelegh (58-61) who is round the corner from us here, but otherwise do not come across too many OPs locally. “I am settled and have more…