Philip Bellamy (48-53)

Through Chris Gilson-Taylor (57-61) we learned that Philip Bellamy (48-53) lives 10 miles from him in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. The pair met at a model ship club in the Hettlingen area and see each other often. Philip has lived in Switzerland for many years. He is a retired control electronics engineer who arrived…


Chris Gilson-Taylor (57-61)

Chris writes that he has “had an interesting but not profitable past.” On leaving the NCP he worked for Metal Box for four years followed by three years in the Army on a short service commission. He married, left the Army and went into reinsurance in the City. In his free time worked with TS…


Andrew (Bart) Simpson (90-95) win again

Iain Percy and Andrew Simpson triumph in the Star class at the World Cup in Mallorca. Despite an eight-month absence from international Star competition Olympic gold medallists Percy & Simpson “knocked spots off their world-class rivals” in the Princess Sofia regatta in early April in Majorca. Winning both Star class races in breezy conditions on…


J.W.P Richardson (57-61)

Jeremy Richardson retired in August, 2010, from his solicitor’s practice in Suffolk and has been playing a lot of golf and real tennis since then. He lives near Newmarket and is still playing cricket – keeping wicket for the Suffolk Gents, the Newmarket Racing X1 and his village side.

J.B. Sievier (57-61)

Jo Sievier called to let us know that he hopes to attend the 2011 Founder’s Day Reunion on Saturday July 2nd of everyone who left the NCP in 1961 – 50 years ago. Jo joined the Army after Pangbourne and served in the Royal Engineers for 15 years, retiring in 1976 with the rank of…