C.J. Stevenson (52-56)




Colin Stevenson (52-56), who died in December 2017, was at Pangbourne between 1952 and 1954 and “was an active participant in all College activities,” writes Ben Brundell (53-56).  “A keen cricketer, he was an aggressive fast bowler, a strong swimmer and a more than average student. He had a good voice and was a member of choir for a long time and his height made him outstanding on the parade ground.



[Founders' Day 1953 - inspected by the Duke of Edinburgh]


He joined P&O when he left the NCP and moved steadily up the ranks. In 1967 he decided to make a career change and he emigrated to Australia and joined the Australian National Line, eventually reaching the rank of Captain. He married his wife Nancy during that time and they had two children, Mark and Alexandra.


Returning to England in 1978, he left the sea and ran firstly a B&B in Somerset and then a hotel in Devon. Looking for further challenges he went to University, achieving first a Bachelor’s degree, then a Master’s and eventually a Doctorate in Maritime Business and Law. He lectured at Southampton Institute and later was appointed Dean at the Institute’s Athens Campus. He undertook several consultancy roles and ended his career as a Professor at the Centre for Maritime Studies at the University of Trinidad and Tobago, where he was highly respected as he had been throughout his life.





On retirement, he returned to his home in Lee on Solent with his wife Nancy and was never happier than when either watching or talking about cricket, for which he had a life-long passion. An impressive career, a strong family man and a good friend.”