New OP Rep in USA

                    Gyles Thornley (88-93) who lives in Aspen, Colorado, has agreed to become the fourth OP Rep in the United States.   The others are Wayne Heyland in New York, Nick Gillett in Los Angeles and Jeff Beech-Garwood  in Minnesota.   It…


Louis Bearn (07-12)

The OP Rep in Melbourne, Australia, Richard Strachan (58-62), reports:   “I have just today (June 26th, 2015) said au revoir to OP Louis Bearn (2012) who returns home in a few days to Bicester after his obviously enjoyed and worthwhile sojourn at Melbourne University before completing his final year of “History” at the Royal…


Theodore Isaacs (74-81)

                      For more than 20 years Theodore has worked in the Business Change, Transition and Transformation consultancy sector, specialising in leading global programmes for banks and financial services companies across dispersed teams and multiple time zons with the aim of boosting operational effectiveness.   For…


Charles Williamson (69-74)

                Reprinted from the Cornell Daily Sun (February 11, 2015)   Cornell University Close-Ups – Professor Charles Williamson Discusses Sailing, Approach to Education   “Whether Prof. Charles Williamson, engineering, is planning one of his performative teaching demonstrations, sailing on Lake Cayuga or researching sustainability practices, he said he…


J.J.B. Latham (47-50)

Jeremy writes:   “Now about to celebrate my 82nd birthday, and enjoying being retired, I look back on my days at the College with mixed feelings. Lots of happy memories of good times and good friends; but also many painful incidents come to mind. Those were the days of strict discipline; any lapse from standards…


CWP Queensland meeting April 2015

            The Conway-Worcester-Pangbourne Association (Queensland) held its bi-monthly get-together over lunch on Friday 10th April at the Buderim Tavern, Buderim. A turnout of 36 included five OPs.   The OP Rep in Queensland, Geoff Rae, writes that it was “a successful event with good food, great company and stunning views…


R.V. Richards (56-59)

Roger Richards (56-59) went into the Merchant Navy on leaving the NCP but only lasted a year with Ellermans before a serious accident ended his career at sea. Subsequently he trained as a carpenter and became a leading building contractor in Southeast England, at one time employing 147 people. He now lives in Kent.