James Billyeald (87-92)

For the past 14 years James has been teaching Maths and coaching rugby at prep schools. Currently he is at Elstree School which he joined in 2006. Before that, he taught at Horris Hill School from 2001-06. He is an RFU level 2 coach and qualified rugby referee. After Pangbourne James joined FT Everard as…


A Devitt, Harris & Spender Reunion

Barney Spender (76-81) writes: “A 40th wedding anniversary in Newmarket in July 2014 provided an opportunity for an impromptu gathering of OPs and members of the Devitt family, founders of the College. John Harris (centre) was at Pangbourne between 1962 and 1967 before going on to join the Royal Navy. In 1974, his wedding delayed…


Alice Hopkin (06-08)

Alice Hopkin (06-08) is now a nurse in the Royal Navy. She writes: “As you may know I joined the Royal Navy in 2014 and passed out in June having won the Captain’s prize for best recruit. Before joining the RN I qualified as a nurse from Cardiff University gaining a first class honours degree.…


Nigel Vinson (44-48)

In an article published in the October issue of Standpoint magazine, Lord Vinson argues that “anyone who cares about the hardware of democracy should be concerned that in the European Parliamentary elections in May 22, 2014, almost a quarter of a million people voted for an unknown political party called ‘An Independence from Europe’ which…


Malcolm Graham-Wood (70-75)

In September Malcolm was in the news berating AIM-listed oil and gas explorer Tangiers Petroleum which had raised more than £4 million in February 2012 to prospect off Australia and Morocco. By August 2014 the shares in this company had lost nearly two thirds of their value and trading in the shares was suspended. Tangiers…


William Shuttleworth (66-70)

William has a new job – General Manager of the Lots Road Auction Houses in west London. He says it will keep him off the street.

Among his forthcoming commitments: eight episodes of a fly-on-the-wall television series presumably about the life of an auction house.

Jamie Lonsdale (72-77)

The travails of Jamie Lonsdale and his decision to sell Kingstone Lisle Park, an impressive estate near Wantage in Oxfordshire, continue to intrigue the national press. In mid-September The Times devoted two pages in its Bricks & Mortar section to new developments in the saga. In 2013 the main building, which dates back to 1677…