OPs in Tenerife

Bill Bailey (58-62) writes that “for the information of any OPs passing through Tenerife, I can be contacted on tel: 00 34 922 725 941 (res) & 00 34 628 015 207 (mob). Better to forewarn me by email at: bill_bailey44@hotmail.co.uk You may be interested to know that an OP, John Lucas (60-64, McQ) runs…


David Rendle (73-78)

“We are all well and living in Gosport. Gail is working part-time and I am working in a variety of educational roles, namely: teacher training, geography fieldwork, tutoring and some supply to keep my hand in. The year in Durham was wonderful for me as I loved my work with the university, but Gail and…


Jollyon Coombs (59-63)

A veteran fund-raiser for good causes Jollyon is planning to make one final effort “before he gets too old” – The Great Glen Row during the week of 16th June, 2014. Now aged 68 with the encumbrance of a triple bypass and the loss of some lung, Jollyon will be rowing across Scotland from Fort…


Malcolm MacKenzie (52-55)

“My news since my last letter is unchanged. I continue to live happily by the sea south of Athens and to work from my office in Piraeus. I find Greece is a delightful place to live partly as the Greeks take shipping so seriously and partly because the sun seems to shine endlessly all year…


Rohan Batra (06-11)

Rohan completed the Reading Half Marathon in March in one hour 42 minutes. He raised £245 for the charity ‘Toe in the Water’ which helps injured servicemen and women to recover from their injuries through competitive sailing.

Rohan is a Sailing Instructor and Venue Technician.

Geoff Popple (58-62)

The OP Rep. in Cape Town reports that he completed the grueling 2014 Cape Argus/Pick n Pay Momentum Cycle Tour of the Cape Peninsula March 8 in 5 hours 42 minutes. This represented a huge improvement of nearly an hour on Geoff’s last effort in this marathon in 2012. Modestly, he puts it down to…


Mike Smith (60-65)

“As a matter of interest, St Paul Press in Mumbai, India, are publishing an edition of my book “The Fullness of Life” sometime this year. This is somewhat surprising at they are a leadingCatholic publishing house and I’m an unrepentant Non-Conformist Protestant! I was in India lastNovember for a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, I’ve just…


Ben Brunton (90-95)

“I began clay target shooting back in 1993 while at the College. With early instruction and coaching, it became evident that I had a good eye and natural ability for this demanding sport. Since then I have represented England and GB at home and overseas. In 1999 I became world champion. In 2003, with my…


Paddy Evelegh (58-61)

The OP Rep. in Perth, Western Australia, reports (March 20, 2014): “We had a Conway, Worcester, Pangbourne gathering in Fremantle the other day and had three from Pangers – Mike Furlong (52-55), myself and John Firth (54-58) who I now discover spends half of most years “Down Under” to escape the British winter. John is…


Bill Bailey (58-62)

Bill has bravely committed to participate in a charity cycle ride in Tenerife in aid of the RMA (Charitable Trust Fund) and Cancer Research. The event title is: The Tenerife Coast To Coast OTT Charity Ride. The ride, which will take place on 1st April 2014, will comprise a start in the North of the…