Roger Slater (57-61)

I returned to Founders’ Day this year (2013) for the first time in many years and was horrified! They have removed the cable over the parade ground. How can any Drum Major prove themselves worthy of the title without a cable to toss the mace over?

Peter Tambling (50-53)

I’m involved in the National Coast Watch Institute at Portland Bill. Not long ago someone called Mike Goddard came into my watch for training. On asking him if he had any seagoing experience, his response was unbelievable. “Oh yes, I went into Blue Funnel from a school you’ve never heard of.” “What school was that,”…


Rupert Bates (76-81)

The 150th anniversary edition of the prestigious Wisden cricket almanac carries an article “Engraved in the memory” by Rupert about his great uncle, the illustrator, engraver and painter Eric Ravilious. Ravilious was commissioned in 1938 to produce an engraving for a redesigned cover for Wisden. For the past 76 years (with a hiatus in 2003)…


Michael Smith (60-65)

Mike is developing a career as an obituary writer in the national press. Recently obituaries he has written (of the diplomat Stephen Miles & the SOE operative Margaret Jackson) have appeared in The Scotsman, The Independent and The Guardian.

Jamie Lonsdale (72-77)

After a “model” career at Pangbourne Jamie joined the Royal Navy. He married Laura, a school friend of Diana, Princess of Wales, in 1984. According to a report in The Daily Telegraph in May, the marriage broke down in 2010. Subsequently the Lonsdale estate at Kingston Lisle Park in Oxfordshire was put up for sale…


Bruce Fair (1980s) – France

Barney Spender, OP Rep in France writes: “I just received this note from Bruce Fair who is keen to hook up with OPs in France. I asked him to give me more info about his travels but suggest you contact him directly. Also, for those on Facebook, please remember there is a FB Page for…


Liveried OPs at the curry lunch

Thirteen OPs attended a curry lunch on board HQS Wellington in April, 2013, and shared their CVs. Here they are: Stephen Taylor: For my part, I joined NCP in May 1955, Port Jackson with E Beet, and then onto Macquarie. Leaving Easter 60, I went to Dartmouth, and had a full career in the RN,…


More about Mike Atkins

*From John Lancaster-Smith: ” ‘Oh Ruddy Heck’ Mike had a great influence on my time at the College. If I failed to respond to his attempts to improve my maths, I hope that I frustrated his attempts to improve my sailing less! Four years of sailing at the College was excellent along with notable journeys…


Justin Gummer (86-92)

I have moved from Adelaide to Melbourne but retain much fondness for Adelaide and will miss the place greatly, particularly its rich history. In 2011 I designed and commission the Maria Gandy bi-centennial memorial. Gandy came to Adelaide on the brig Rapid in 1836, the year the colony was founded. The memorial was unveiled to…


About Mike Atkins

OPs in the Old Pangbournian group on Linked In have been sharing memories of Mike Atkins who died at the end of March, 2013. A selection includes: * From Steve Davis (74-81): “I have a fond memory of meeting MA by chance at a safari lodge in the middle of nowhere in Zimbabwe in about…