David Ogden (63-67)

David is now living in the Philippines but plans to move back to Cyprus in the Spring of 2013 and live in the Paphos area. After leaving the NCP in 1967, he joined the Royal Navy and served four years. From 1983-94 he worked for Occidental Petroleum. He then worked in North Sea oil logistics…


Andrew Gordon-Lennox (62-66)

In September, 2012, Andrew began a third career as the Clerk to the Worshipful Company of Glaziers and Painters of Glass. The company, number 53 in the City order of Livery precedence, has its Hall on the river at the south side of London Bridge. It concentrates on the artistic side of glass manufacture. After…


Louis Carrel (62-67)

Louis (Illawarra 62-67) lives in Limassol, Cyprus, and has let the OP Society know that he would be happy to be the contact for that area. His e-mail is louiscarrel@btinternet.com Louis had lived in Cyprus for some 14 years when M.D. of V Ships and decided to stay on in retirement two years ago, so…


Nicholas Courtney (58-62)

Nick Courtney (58-62) began working as a land agent for Colin Tennant on the Caribbean island of Mustique in 1971 and remained involved with the mercurial Lord Glenconner (as he later became) to the end of his life. They were working together on Tennant’s autobiography when he died in 2010. Appointed as the peer’s literary…


Mark Martin (79-84)

After Pangbourne I studied Urban Land Management at what was Portsmouth Polytechnic. Subsequently I worked in London’s West End for most of the 1990s at Hillier Parker buying, selling and leasing property as an agent for such clients as the Crown Estate and Land Securities. The move to Sydney in 1997 was very much a…


Richard Morrell (76-80)

After completing his Arts degree, Richard worked in California for several years, developing his own photographic style using an old-fashioned 5×4 film camera and combining it with what was then new computer illustration and image manipulation. This led to commercial contracts with image libraries, magazines and book publishers. He is now Creative Director of Sophie…


Rupert Meacher (87-90)

Rupert has been Assistant Clerk at The Worshipful Company of Cutlers for the last eight years. He went to the Cutlers’ after five years working as a Private Secretary, before which he served in The Life Guards for four years. In his words: “It all seems a very long time ago!”

Justin Gummer (86-92)

Dear OP Society,

Please note that I am an OP 1986-1992 living in Adelaide, South Australia, and can offer my services as a point of contact for anyone needing to know anything about Adelaide, or needing assitance or wanting to meet up etc.

My current email address is: justingummer@adam.com.au

Ewen Southby-Tailyour (55-59)

The August, 2012, issue of Yachting Monthly carries a report of a sharp disagreement between Ewen and the Falmouth Coastguard following the rescue of a solo sailor competing in the Jester Azores Challenge which Ewen founded. According to the Falmouth Coastguard, the singlehanded sailor had to be rescued after his yacht was overcome in very…