Tim Everard (48-52)

From the NCP to the RN and a career mainly spent in SMs either in the Med or Australia, leaving the RN in Jan 77 I joined the RAN as a contract officer and spent 8 years with their SM service. Retiring I was an early organic avocado farmer in Qld. for three years before…


Wear the OP tie!

Four OPs of varying vintages bumped into each other at the National Maritime Museum in late-April – and recognised one another because two of them were wearing the OP tie. Merrick Rayner (68-73), Jeffrey Evans (61-66), Christopher Daniels (47-51) and Nigel Hollebone (59-63) were all attending the opening of the Royal River exhibition by HM…


William Pickering (97-03)

Will went to the University of Wales, Bangor, after Pangbourne and studied Marine Zoology. In February 2008 he joined the RAF and has been flying as a pilot since then. Earlier this year he attended a Morgan Stanley Military Open Day in preparation for a possible move back to civilian life later in 2012.

Rob McAllister (96-01)

Now a Captain in the Army, Rob is planning to move into civilian life, possibly in banking, in 2013. After Pangbourne he went to Oxford Brookes (2001-04) and then RMA Sandhurst (2006). He spent 2008-09 learning Arabic. In 2011 he served in Iraq as part of the NATO Training Mission

1960s leavers

At the lunch in the City of London for Richard (Sam) Strachan, the 15 OPs present had varied life stories to recount. Among them: Jonathan Fitzgerald (59-61) worked for Reuters on the business side for 23 years, many of them in Asia. He is retired and lives in Bonchurch on the Isle of Wight. Mike…


Shaun Maynard (60-64)

Shaun, based in Johannesburg, was in London and New York on business in March. In the UK he saw Strachan & Garth McDonald – both in good form – and they were able to toast their get-together with some excellent Brakespear beer – Jon B please note! Strachan is preparing his motorized trimaran for a…


Ewen Southby-Tailyour (55-59)

Close viewers of the recent BBC tv programme “The Falklands Legacy,” made in connection with the 30th anniversary of the Falklands war, will have spotted Ewen Southby-Tailyour (55-59) taking the author and presenter Sir Max Hastings out to sea in a sailing boat – the unusual setting for a rather stilted conversation with several other…


OPs in New Zealand

At the OP Reunion lunch in Auckland on February 20, 2012, OP Society President Robin Knight encountered many new OP faces. Here he fills in a bit of the detail. “Our host was Craig Peploe (78-80), general manager of the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron clubhouse for the past 12 years. Craig had a bit…


Rick Newling-Ward (87-91)

Rick recently relocated to Melbourne, Australia with his wife Annie and daughter Piper. He lives in Prahran, a trendy inner suburb and works as an interior designer specialising in restaurant designs. One of his recent commissions was to design the interior of Jamie Oliver’s new restaurant in Sydney. He is in contact with Alex Heaton…


Alex Heaton (87-91)

I live in Elwood, Melbourne, with my wife Rachel, daughter Georgia and son Charlie. I work in Port Melbourne – the company is called smarterBATHROOMS and can be accessed on www.smarterbathrooms.com.au We all love living by and sailing on the bay and taking advantage of all the great sporting facilities that Melbourne has. I cycle…