Rupert Meacher (87-90)

Rupert has been Assistant Clerk at The Worshipful Company of Cutlers for the last eight years. He went to the Cutlers’ after five years working as a Private Secretary, before which he served in The Life Guards for four years. In his words: “It all seems a very long time ago!”

Justin Gummer (86-92)

Dear OP Society,

Please note that I am an OP 1986-1992 living in Adelaide, South Australia, and can offer my services as a point of contact for anyone needing to know anything about Adelaide, or needing assitance or wanting to meet up etc.

My current email address is:

Ewen Southby-Tailyour (55-59)

The August, 2012, issue of Yachting Monthly carries a report of a sharp disagreement between Ewen and the Falmouth Coastguard following the rescue of a solo sailor competing in the Jester Azores Challenge which Ewen founded. According to the Falmouth Coastguard, the singlehanded sailor had to be rescued after his yacht was overcome in very…


Barney Spender (76-81)

COMMENTATING THE OLYMPICS The London Games should have been a highlight of my journalistic career. After all, it isn’t everyday that you get asked to anchor the opening and closing ceremonies of an Olympics for an international television station. Sadly, though, I don’t really feel as though I can stick it on my list of…


Mike Beavington (59-63)

I was one of the 70,000 volunteers at the London Olympic Games. I was a member of the Accreditation Team at the Rowing and Sprint Canoe Village at Egham. The job itself was mainly concerned with producing the big laminated passes, like the one that I am wearing in the picture (see the News-related section…


Olivia Rendle (04-11)

Olivia Rendle(04-11) was honoured to be chosen to run in the Olympic Torch relay at Thatcham on Wednesday 11th July. Olivia nominated herself and was chosen on account of her indomitable spirit, good humour, kindness and friendship shown in the face of adversity and her frustration of not being able to row due to a…


Merrick Rayner (68-73)

I went down to Weymouth to support Bart Simpson (90-95) and Iain Percy in their Star class Olympic sailing medal race. They were extremely gutted to be robbed on the line by a fickle wind. I thought Bart handled the BBC interview immediately after the race with great aplomb considering how they must have been…


Richard Shuttleworth (57-62)

My London 2012 Olympic Games memories: “I was driving for RDS, the French-speaking arm of Canadian Broadcast Services. We were based at the International Broadcast Centre (IBC) a vast building in the N-W corner of the Olympic Park. There were four teams on the French side consisting of a presenter and a cameraman. Each day…


Dr. James Allenby (57-62)

Fifteen months ago a committee of volunteers led by James formed the West Devon Pre-Games Training Camp Working Group and started a campaign to attract an overseas country to come and train in the West Devon area before the Olympic Games. Swaziland responded and two athletes, both sprinters, arrived in Devon ahead of the Games…