Peter E H Thomas (33-37)

Peter E H Thomas (33-37) died on January 19, 2009.

After Pangbourne Peter went in to the RAF where he flew Sunderland flying boats during World War 11, was awarded the AFC and reached the rank of Wing-Cdr. He retired in 1970 and moved to Cornwall.

John M Turner (44-47)

John Turner (44-47) died in June, 2008, just three weeks after being diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia. John’s wife Barbara writes: “After Pangbourne John worked his apprenticeship with the South American Saint Line, moving later to Ellerman City Lines. While working for Ellerman he had a forced stay of several months in Aden due to…


Neil Langford (40-42)

Neil Langford (40-42) died on October 23, 2008, aged 83. Neil Langford left the NCP during the war to join the Union Castle line and was soon involved in Operation Torch carrying troops on “Llangibby Castle” to land in North Africa. Later he transferred to “Durban Castle” where he joined his friend John Lester (38-41).…


Peter Wilding-Davis (50-53)

Peter Wilding-Davis died on April 6, 2009, in Langley, British Colombia, Canada, after a long and courageous battle with cancer. The OP Rep in British Colombia, Richard Swinburne (53-57), writes: “Peter left the NCP in 1953 aged 17 and went directly into the MN as an apprentice officer with The Cunard Steamship Co. On completing…


F I D MacDowel (38-41)

F I D MacDowel (38-41), a Cdr. RN, died on September 16, 2009, aged 85. His brother Barney writes: “Ian retired from the Royal Navy as a Commander (Engineering) in 1973 and settled in New Zealand, a country he and his wife loved. There he worked for the Auckland Dockyard Authority and later as a…


R G Woodward (29-32)

Robert G Woodward (29-32) died on July 6, 2009, aged 94. We have no details of his wartime career ,but by the time Bob retired from the Royal Navy in 1960 with the rank of Cdr. he had commanded eight destroyers or frigates. He moved from Devon to Chorleywood and worked in London for the…


John F Adams (43-45)

John F Adams (43-45), a Captain RNR, died in 2008 as we learnt when his magazine was returned “deceased.” On leaving Pangbourne, he joined the Harrison Line, later moving to the British Rail fleet based in Dover. He took command in 1965 and then became a Marine Superintendent in London. He did not care for…


John M Baynham (25-27)

John M Baynham (25-27) died in November, 2008, aged 97. John’s father Walter was a cadet in the training ship “Hesperus” who became a Ship Master with the Orient Line. John’s nephew Jeremy Daniel (52-55) and his son Christopher Daniel (78-83) attended Pangbourne, so there are now four generations in this family to have had…


George H Boswell (47-51)

George H Boswell (47-51) died on June 28, 2009, aged 75. His friend and contemporary at Pangbourne Christopher Daniel writes: “At Pangbourne ‘Boz’ proved himself to be a good all-rounder with a love of swimming and boxing. The atmosphere at his family home in Seething encouraged him to become a loveable eccentric, full of life…