Centenary pot luck lunch & tea party in Sussex


Michael Askwith (59–63) and Ralph Godfrey (60–64) and wives Celia and Trish helped to organise a pot luck lunch and tea gathering at Michael’s home on the beach at Bracklesham Bay, near Chichester, on 14th July.


Mike writes: “Twenty five contemporaries from the 1950’s and 1960s eras, mainly from the southern counties, attended, including wives/partners and two Old Worcesters, although unfortunately no Old Conways. Blessed by delightful weather, a magnificent view of the sea, copious food and drink, and a memory lane well-trodden as folk reminisced and perused Michael’s collection of more thaan 50 NCP Logs and Pangbournian Magazines spanning the full 1959 – 2017 period, it was a wonderful opportunity to get together and catch up on past careers and more recent activities in retirement.


We were delighted to have past and present OP Chairmen Ian Williams and Merrick Rayner’s presence and a good representation of OP Yacht Club members, as well as wives and partners, who happily enjoyed the event as well.


If folk are up to it, the suggestion for similar events in future years, could be followed up.”



Michael and Celia Askwith (1959 – 63)

Ralph and Trish Godfrey (1960 – 64)

Perry Abbott, and Denise (1959 – 63)

Merrick Rayner (1968 – 73), Chairman, OP Society

Ian and Doh Williams (1961 – 63), Former Chairman OP Society, and Hon. Sec. OP Yacht Club

Robin and Rosemary Batt (1961-64), Committee member OP Yacht Club

Greg and Jenny Cumming (1959 – 1964)

Wyndham and Alex Haswell (1962 – 65)

Robert and Liz Ogden (1960 – 64)

Robert Ross (1960 – 64)

Michael and Gloria Stringer (1966 – 69)

Keith and Eve Townson (1960 – 64)

Peter and Maggie Gormley (OW) (1950’s) Former Commodore, OW Sailing Club

Alan Robinson (OW) (1960s)


Reunion - Sussex lunch party#2






[OPs present]


Reunion - Sussex lunch party#1






[Ralph Godfrey (l), Celia Askwith, Mike Askwith]


Reunion - Sussex lunch party#3






[Ralph Godfrey, Merrick Rayner, Mike Askwith]


Reunion - Sussex lunch party#4






[OPs, wives and partners]


Reunion - Sussex lunch party#5



















[Some of the Pangbourne memorabilia on display]