Centenary reunion dinner in Hong Kong











Michael Duck (69-74) reports:


“We celebrated the 100th anniversary of the foundation of Pangbourne College on February 28th in fine form at the Hong Kong Club in the beautiful Hong Kong room.  A splendid dinner was held, attended by the following people :


Thomas Garnier- Headmaster; Roger Lane- Nott- Chairman of Governors; Karen Harsthorn- Director of Development; Michael Duck – Convenor- Illawarra 69-74; Jasmine Duck – Spouse; Francesca Duck – St George 2005-2007; Robin Paterson- Illawarra 69-73- Former Governor; Jonathan Waring –Illawarra 96-98/ Macquarie 98-01; Tim Hurman- Macquarie 90-96; Yumi Aso – Spouse; Rob Sallons- Port Jackson 77-82; Philip Low – Hesperus 87-92; Simone Burton- Mother of Courtney – Illawarra 2009-14; Mike Jones- Illawarra 62-66.”

On the way back from the highly successful events held last week  in Auckland , it was felt that it was timely to stop off on the way to the UK via Hong Kong. A place where many Old Pangbournians have made their home or worked over the years . Michael advised that many OPs were, and had been, stationed in Hong Kong over generations whilst serving in the Royal Navy or the Army and in the then Royal Hong Kong Police force. Many also have worked in the Trading houses  the Shipping companies and the port . Also as pilots for Cathay Pacific Airways.


Michael then gave short talk about the Pangbourne Worcester Conway association when he came in 1986 , and the History of the Hong Kong Club which at one stage had been a club for Master Mariners….so an apt place to hold the dinner.


Roger Lane Nott gave an update of College today and the challenges and Thomas spoke eloquently [ as always]  on what Pangbournes’ ethos is, and the success that the college is today. Thomas said grace and a delightful dinner was had by all. We hope to replicate again in the not too distant future for another occasion.”









[Robin Paterson (l) Jonathan Waring (c)  Michael Duck (r)