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    All OPs are urged to update their contact details as held at the College.


    To do so, please click the link below:



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    Philip Bellamy (48-53) lives in Switzerland. In retirement he spends much of his “free” time making radio-controlled boats and now has a fleet of some 30 or more boats, most of which are models from the Coastal Forces. Through model boat building he got to know another OP resident of Switzerland – Chris Gilson-Taylor (57-61). Philip also is a major contributor to and Honorary Vice President of the Surface Warship Association.


    Instead of going to Dartmouth from the NCP, Philip was employed by the Ministry of Defence before going to university for five years to gain a B.Sc. and then working on several defence projects until 1961. At this point he got an offer to go to Switzerland to work on guided missiles. This proved to be a short-lived job  as the Swiss decided to buy a missile off-the-shelf rather than build their own. Philip’s next project involved him in designing, building and testing the main chasis for the ESRO 1 satellite – the first European satellite. This meant working in France and Holland.  Once the ESRO 1 project ended Philip set up a company with the Eurotherm Group to work on industrial process control systems – a business that lasted to his retirement.

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    Vancouver, Canada - James Mackenzie, (87-92)











    The new OP Rep in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, James Mackenzie (87-92), reports:


    “Ian Busby suggested I share with you news on some recent success that I had at work in 2016. Each year the top sales individuals from across the country at Rogers are selected to be part of what is called a ‘President’s Club’. I was fortunate enough to win a position again in 2017 for sales achievements in 2016. This year’s recognition trip is to Cancun, Mexico (in May). I’ve been fortunate enough to have been selected on another five occasions since I started working at Rogers so this new award makes it six in 10 years. This isn’t necessarily something I generally talk about a lot but Ian thought it could be considered in a future OP issue.”


    Well done James! And let’s hear about other OP achievers!


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    NoOps - Chris Andrew (77-84) - lay reader with Bishop of Gloucester













    Chris Andrew (77-84) writes:
    “I am wondering if there is a list of OP Clergy or Readers in the Church of England? I am a Licensed Reader/Lay Minister in the Diocese of Gloucester and it would be interesting to know if there are likewise colleagues around the world.
    I attach a recent photo of myself (l) with the Bishop of Gloucester, the Right Reverend Rachel Treweek, which may be of interest.”
    If any OPs can help with this inquiry, please contact op@pangbourne.com


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    Horacio Benitez












    Horacio Benitez, an Argentine veteran of the 1982 Falklands conflict, and OP writer and journalist Mike Smith (60-65) will feature in a BBC World Service radio broadcast on 31 March. They were interviewed by Kati Whittaker at the Falklands Islands Memorial Chapel at the College, together with the school’s Chaplain Rev. Neil Jeffers.
    The programme, entitled ‘The Pity of War’, is in the Heart and Soul series of radio broadcasts. Benitez, who was a 19-year-old conscripted soldier during the war, is believed to be one of only two Argentine war veterans to have visit the chapel, built in honour of the British combatants who lost their lives in the 1982 war.  Benitez visited the Initiatives of Change centre in Caux, Switzerland, in a spirit of healing and reconciliation, shortly after the war.

    The 26-minute programme  in the BBC World Service Heart and Soul series, marking the 35th anniversary of the Falklands conflict, is due for transmission as follows:


    First transmission: on US Public Radio on Friday 31 March at  0432 GMT and 1032 GMT on Friday 31st March – and also on Saturday 1st April at 0132 GMT and 2132 GMT.


    It then comes on the BBC World Service Heart and Soul programme on Sunday 2 April  AT 02.32 AND 10.32 AND 19.32 



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    OPsNews - Rupert Young in Gaslight with Cara Tointon (c) Daily Telegraph








    Ian Busby reports:

    “OP actor Rupert Young (91-96) is currently touring the country in a production of “Gaslight.” It was well reviewed in The Daily Telegraph of 12th January,….


    ‘Poor Rupert Young – playing the manipulative bounder, Jack, with a judicious mixture of lordly but kindly condescension and explosive viciousness – even got booed at the opening night curtain–call in Birmingham, as if this was panto.”


    And there he was also in a photo in that weekend’s Telegraph in a large advert for the production tour of nine provincial theatres (the run ends in mid-March). It was good to see Rupert’s name in lights at last; it seemed some time since we’d seen him some years back on TV in Doc Martin with Martin Clunes.”


    Ian adds: “I do have a personal interest… Rupert was one of my star hockey forwards in an Under-15 side!”

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    “Hi everyone,

    I am taking part in The Great Row Challenge on March 25th – April 1st. To sponsor me please click on the link below.


    Many thanks.

    Jerry Hodgson (51-54)



    Jeremy Hodgson (51-54) in training earlier









    (Jerry during an earlier charity training session)


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    We are sorry to announce the passing of Margaret Points, wife of former Headmaster Peter Points, on Monday 23 January in Hampshire. During his 19 years at Pangbourne, Margaret was a constant source of support to Peter and a familiar figure around the College to many OPs.

    Messages of condolence can be sent to the family via the Pangbourne College Development Office. Please email or write and your note will be forwarded on. The funeral will be held near Winchester on February 21. Due to space limitations please notify the Development Office at Pangbourne College if you plan to attend.

    The funeral will be held at 12 noon on Tuesday February 21 at the Holy Trinity Church, Stoke Charity Road, Wonston SO21 3LS and afterwards at Sutton Manor, Sutton Scotney SO21 3JX


    Contact details for the Development Office:

    email: development@pangbourne.com

    telephone: 0118 976 6795

    postal: Development Office, Pangbourne College, Pangbourne, Reading, Berkshire, RG8 8LA


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    Les Byrne (58-63) is one of 12 members of the all-conquering 1962 1st XV who will meet together for the first time in more than 50 years at the centenary OP Dinner at the College on Friday April 21st. He writes:

    “After Pangbourne I went into the Oil Industry selling equipment used for extraction and production of oil. Places worked; Great Yarmouth, Alberta (Canada), London, Aberdeen,  Abu Dhabi (met and married my wife Betty), Kuala Lumpur, Dubai. Nicely retired now playing a lot of golf,travelling etc.”

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    Peter Middleton (57-61),  now retired, got in touch following the death at the end of 2016 of his lifelong friend and neighbour in Scartho, Grimsby,  Ross Bacon (59-62).  Peter wrote:


    After Pangbourne in 1961, I joined New Zealand Shipping Co. as a cadet, and for the next three years in that capacity voyaged between the UK and the Antipodes, with occasional visits to the East coast of America……I loved it. At one time I was on one of the NZS training ships,  the Rakaia,  in which three OP’s were serving…..myself, cadet Neil Young (58-61) and in command for three voyages Captain Grahame Bevis (39/43).

    Among so many other things, I recall being boarded by the American coast guard in the Carribean during the Cuban missile crisis (1962) to inspect the large wooden structures we had on deck, only to discover that they did not contain Russian missiles, but race horses destined for Australia! Also that unreal feeling being in New York when President Kennedy was assassinated in 1963.

    After qualifying as a watch-keeping officer, with a Second Mate’s ticket, I continued with NZS for the next 12 years, gaining a Master’s ticket in 1967. During this time I also had a commission in the RNR, and spent a not inconsiderable time both ashore and at sea with the Royal Navy.

    In 1969, I joined a ship called the Turakina – one of the Conference line ships which made up the Crusader Line fleet. For for the next twoandahalf  years I voyaged between NZ, Fiji, Hawaii, and the west coast of America from Los Angeles  to Vancouver…..It still sounds romantic , and it certainly was. I finished my time on the Turakina as Chief Officer. These 2 1/2 years away were the only time that Ross and I lost touch in our long friendship.

    The Merchant Navy was going through some very dramatic changes in the late-1960s, and not to my liking. So, having been away from the UK for so long, an invitation to join the family business of rope and net manufacturers in Grimsby decided me to come ashore. After some 30 years of highs and lows in business , I passed the company over to two of my loyal staff and continued for a few years in an advisory capacity.”

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