Enjoyable Over-60s lunch in London


An enjoyable Over-60s lunch was held for the seventh consecutive year at the Turf Club in London on November 21 thanks to the generosity of Mark Dumas (64-68), a Turf Club member. It was, as usual, a fully subscribed event for 40 people – 39 men and one woman!


The gathering marked the debut of new OP Society Chairman David Nicholson (64-68) and he marked the occasion by highlighting Keith Evans (33-37) as the Guest of Honour. In a short address after lunch, David outlined Keith’s many contributions to the College and to the OP Society over many years. Keith, now 98, was relaxing after his confident appearance the evening before on a BBC tv programme that celebrated the 70th anniversary of the marriage of The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh.


Also present at the lunch was Lionel Stephens, now 91, who was in good form and brought the house down with a spontaneous intervention when the Headmaster, Thomas Garnier, was describing developments at the College in a speech before the lunch. Thomas was accompanied from the College by the Development Director Karen Hartshorn who took two of the images used with this piece. Roger Lane-Nott (59-63), Chairman of the Board of Governors, was there in his capacity as an OP.


Other Over-60s who turned out included Louis Carrel (62-67), the OP Rep in Cyprus, Mike Davis (60-64) a newcomer to this event, Geoffrey Temple (62-66) who had travelled from Derby, Anthony Fenwick-Wilson (53-57) from Herefordshire, Tim Dow (59-63) from Somerset, and Rob Sargent (62-65) from Lincolnshire and his brother Sam (56-60) from Essex.


[ One Evans assists another. Patrick (57-61) helps Keith (33-37) to his feet]


[Keith Evans makes a few remarks. Steve Taylor (55-60) in background]

[Two long tables in a private room at the Turf Club]