Gordon Rees (71-76)

Gordon Rees (71-76), formerly the OP Rep in Saudi Arabia, writes: “After leaving Pangbourne and a couple of indifferent years I started a career in Computing. This led to me working in and living in 28 countries. Married twice the second time a little more successful and lasting 33 years to date. Brought up two wonderful girls I had inherited. I have one Grandaughter who is the special person in my life and she keeps me running -  not literally as facing ops on my knees this month.
I rowed a bit after Pangbourne and played for London Scottish until my travels stopped play. Then I became an avid golfer and was known as ‘Bang Bang’ -  sort of similar to my nickname at Pangbourne. Thanks to Facebook I keep in touch with Craig Hutchinson (69-74), Peter Wright (73-77) and a few other good lads.
I have been based in the UK for the last year but would rather be back in the sand pit where I spent 17 good years. Hot and dry as opposed to cold and miserable. Life goes on, I work for an American Cyber company.
I very often think of Pangbourne and how it changed my life for the better although I did my best to get kicked out. But Peter Points wasn’t going to expel the 1st V111 after catching us riding motorcycles to a local bordello. Many many friends are gone. God Bless them all. Thank you Pangbourne for giving me a great start in my life.”