Grids in the 1970s

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The exchange below took place on Facebook on the OP page during May, 2017:

Paul ClinchFacebook

ON YA BIKE!…..Anyone in Illawarra remember bicycle scrutineering by our then Housemaster Peter Politzer?….If our bike passed, we then had to display a disc on it afterwards. I found mine when clearing out the garage this morning. I think PRP was as thorough as some of the guys who used to check our MX bikes over before racing when I was doing motocross!!



Mike Matthews Utter idiocy of course, just a system gone mad. And yes, my Grid had a disk or license, quite funny seeing PRP trying to ride it though.
Tiger Leahu When I got tossed out, there was no space for my grid on Susan’s Mini.. so it got left behind… So, who picked up on it? It was a pretty sweet bike.
Phillip John Plato No idea on your grid Tiger. Sorry.
Albert Jan Hofman Unique PRP handwriting
Phillip John Plato I can recall some amazing feats of engineering too. Clive Carrington Wood replaced his handlebars with the steering wheel from Vasa’s car! I also recall some front forks literally resting in forks from another bike to create a Chopper look but aside from gravity there, was nothing holding the forks together! Great times!

Richard Stinton I’d forgotten that word….grid. Where on earth did that come from? My bike got repaired so many times from crashing on Whitchurch hill on the way back from Goldie’s parents cottage that was always kept well stocked! And then doing rounds the worse for wear. At least Sparky didn’t notice as he was usually to the four winds as well!

Mike Jones “Hoops” Hooper did my grid test at Illawarra . I did try to tell him the brakes needed some work but he hopped on and came flashing past the grid shed failed to make the turn into Illawarra and disappeared off down Princes Drive and out onto the road at the bottom where he crashed. Great fun for the cadets watching but he clearly failed to see the funny side.

John Cookee Cooke I had a racing bike with massive cowhorns, I don’t remember being inspected but I could do endless wheelies!

Paul Clinch Mine had cow horns too!

Peter Dredge I suspect it still does !!

Dave Glover Bikes/grids whatever – complete waste of time. In Illawarra, over four odd years, you would walk an average of 36,000 miles. Bikes were for softies that got lazy…

Mike Matthews Definitely the best division from the healthy point of view

Phillip John Plato That is a lot of walking…. I think your “escape committee” should have made more use of grids in my opinion!

Mike Matthews Ah, I regularly did escape. I kept my motor bike in the garage of the house matron Got suspended for a week in the LVI, while others got expelled during their A Levels at the same time. There was a mass break out one weekend in June.
Tiger Leahu ” expelled during their A Levels” .. I resemble that remark

Mike Matthews They only had 4 weeks to before Founder’s Day. Harsh