In the early 1960s

Mike Beavington (59-63) has been rooting around in his attic and discovered some photos of his time at the Nautical College. If you can fill in any names, please let us know at


six       Bowden/Harbinger entry summer 1960 – Sitting (ltor): Mike Beavington, Nigel Hollebone, Quentin Parker.  Standing (ltor): Julian Coles,   Tim Dow, Murray Newbury]


hockey[Hockey 1st X1 1960: Sitting (ltor) Brown, Knight, Morrison, Newbury, Hall;   Standing (ltor): Sargent, Gavin, Crichton, Walker AP, Palmer, Scott]


band                                                                [The Marching Band in 1960. The Drum Major is R. Mason]


CCs - Skinner[Cadet Captains with Cdr. Skinner in 1959 – who was the Chief of the College? Sitting (ltor) Owens, Ainslie, Cdr. Hoyle, Cdr. Skinner, xxx, Lowndes, Lavery]


CCs - Lewis                                                                        [Cadet Captains with Capt. Lewis 1960. The CCCC is Fred Owens]



Founders' Day 1959                                                                  [Founders’ Day 1959 – the last one where the parade was held on Big Side]



Founders' Day 1960                                                                             [Founders’ Day 1960 – Harbinger Division is marching past]


Harbinger 1960                                                                     [Harbinger Division 1960 – CCC DA Patrick; Divisional Tutor RA Aitken]


Harbinger 1962                                                       [Harbinger Division 1962 – the two CCs are Ian & Richard Shuttleworth; CCC Mike Palmer]



cricket                                                                                        [Paravicini Club 1961 – Chairman Robin Knight]