James Lewis (96-01)



James Lewis (96-01) writes:

“I got married on 17th November 2017 to Amy Latchman. The reason I’m in touch is most of my groomsmen are OPs so I thought the attached picture might be a column filler for your magazine. The OPs in the picture are:

Left – Rupert Merritt 96-01

Third from Left – Euan Rollo 96-01 (Best Man)

Fourth from left – Me 96-01

Right – Damian Stubbs 96-01

Second from Right – Jon Deacon 96-01

Third from right – Ken Masuno – 97-01


Myy brief history since Pangbourne is that I went to Exeter University to study Statistics & Management. I have worked in various industries since then but for the last five years I’ve co-owned and run a cardboard, paper and plastic recycling business called Ecogen Recycling in Hampshire with William Nicholls 97-01.”