James Mackenzie (87-92)

Vancouver, Canada - James Mackenzie, (87-92)











The new OP Rep in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, James Mackenzie (87-92), reports:


“Ian Busby suggested I share with you news on some recent success that I had at work in 2016. Each year the top sales individuals from across the country at Rogers are selected to be part of what is called a ‘President’s Club’. I was fortunate enough to win a position again in 2017 for sales achievements in 2016. This year’s recognition trip is to Cancun, Mexico (in May). I’ve been fortunate enough to have been selected on another five occasions since I started working at Rogers so this new award makes it six in 10 years. This isn’t necessarily something I generally talk about a lot but Ian thought it could be considered in a future OP issue.”


Well done James! And let’s hear about other OP achievers!