Jeff Beech-Garwood (71-75)

Jeff Beech-Garwood (71-75), the OP Rep. in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA, reports that Chris Dodwell (71-75), who was at Pangbourne with him, came over to the States to celebrate his 60th birthday this year. “That was a very pleasant surprise and we had a good time.”


The pair then returned together to England for the funeral of Paul Persson who, with his wife Ann, used to live on Green Lane in the village where they led a youth group called Meeting Point, through which Jeff became a Christian. “At the funeral I met several folks from Meeting Point, one of whom being Denny Hollands who is, I believe, a Counsellor at the College. We didn’t have counsellors in my day.”


Chris Dodwell is married with three children. He is an accountant and lives near Bracknell.


Jeff also was in email contact with Patrick Roberts (70-75) (the Bursar at Cranleigh School; new governor at the College) during the summer.  “Patrick and I have the connection that he was walking with me into Pangbourne village on the day in 1971 that I was run over by a bus.”