Joe Clinch (50-55) and others

Joe Clinch (50-55) organised a lunch at the College in September for a group of OP contemporaries and Lionel Stephens. He writes:
“The lunch was part of a reunion of a small group of us from the class of 1950 or thereabouts prompted by the 100th anniversary of the College – for most of us our first meeting with each other since leaving the college! We chose a Sunday parade day so that we were able to see the current students at their best. Most of us also attended morning Chapel – a full house with confident readings from the students.
Steve joined us for lunch in the Mess Hall – the one surviving link with the staff at the time we left the Nautical College. As one of us observed, it it is a remarkable fact that two teachers – Harry Sykes and Lionel Stephens – have had an involvement with the school for the full 100 years of its existence!  All in all, a very enjoyable day.
Our group consisted of Bob Hill (50-55), Peter Murison (50-54), Tim Lee (51-53), Peter Dalrymple-Smith (51-53), Peter Tambling (50-53), Richard Jenyns (49-55), Jeremy Collingwood (50-55), Richard Walton (49-54) and me.”