John Macnamara (60-65)

John Macnamara (60-65) was in touch with the OP Society recently and was prompted to bring us up to date with his post-NCP life. He wrote:


“Herewith a potted history since leaving Pangbourne. It has pretty much kept me out of jail and left me with enough
from gainful employment to feel fairly comfortable in my own skin!! It is a slightly rehashed version of one I put together for a recent gathering of my prep school contemporaries (Fernden School). Strange time of life….seem to be going to a number of these sorts of reunions….is somebody trying to tell us something!


After Pangbourne which I can honestly say I enjoyed and managed to survive, I partook in bit of odd jobbing, crab/lobster fishing and yacht skippering which set me up nicely for a six- year short service commission in the R.A.F. Regiment. In 1973, as departure date from the RAF approached, it dawned on me I hadn’t given much thought as to what to do next….so against my better judgement I started the process of continuation on a permanent commission. In the nick of time I had an eureka moment and decided to go into the
offshore oil and gas industry…..specifically the subsea side.


The gas fields were in full swing and first oil had just been discovered in the North Sea….the rush for black gold was on! I had never dived so I completed a commercial diving course (of sorts) and basically never looked back. So I started at the bottom….all 600ft of it…. working my way up to be still at the bottom but at least my head was above water! From hands on diving and subsea intervention, to give it a posh title, I went into the project management side of the business usually working within a project team looking after subsea contractors.


This took me to several places in the world. Although I say it myself, it was one of and probably the only inspired choice in life I have made. It was a fascinating industry to be involved in, dynamic, exciting, frightening sometimes, on the forefront of new technologies and very rewarding. Wound up my last project in 2014 and went sailing!


Today I live in Lymington as I have most of my life. I’m married with a son and daughter and four grand children (all boys) and all live within a couple of miles. So it doesn’t take much to realise that we run a busy baby and dog sitting service! Sailing is my main preoccupation and as you now know I’m a member of the OPYC (we have a gathering at end of April). So I’m not completely
out of touch! Other OPs I bump into on a fairly regular basis: James Beattie, Simon Pollark, Ian Tew, John Lancaster-Smith, Jeremy Webster, David Hutcheson (my son’s brother in law).


So that’s it….50+ years in a couple of paragraphs!”