Jonathan Miles (69-73)

Jonathan Miles (69-73) got in touch in connection with a reunion of OPs who served in the RAF which is planned for Founders’ Day 2018. He wrote:

“If I remember correctly I left the College in 1973 and took an RAF cadetship when studying for my first degree in Mechanical Engineering at Portsmouth Polytechnic (as it was then, now University).  I held the cadetship attached to Southampton Uni Air Squadron for one year until I failed my first-year exams and my cadetship was terminated.  Fortunately for me, I was able to change courses at Portsmouth and retook the first year and completed my degree before taking a Masters in Aberdeen in Offshore Engineering and changing careers to the Oil industry.
As you see from this email I have my own company and have been running Argo since 1995. For the record I recently also started a new company with my daughter called Sailing Southwest developing GPS tracking for everyday sailors. I have moved from Tiverton in Devon and now live in the Bideford area.”