Keith Hiscock (68-73)


Keith Russell Hiscock (68-73) died suddenly at the age of 62 in Hastings, New Zealand on 26th April 2017. His sister Carol May writes:

“Keith left Pangbourne College in 1973, having represented the school in rowing in the 1st V111, rugby in the 1st XV, and gymnastics, particularly cutlassing.

He emigrated to New Zealand in 1977 with his first wife, Susie, a New Zealander, and son Daniel and became financial controller for a New Zealand branch of an Australian Company specialising in agriculture and livestock. He lived initially in Wanganui and subsequently in Auckland before retiring to Hastings, shortly before his demise.

Outside his corporate responsibilities, he enjoyed a very active life in New Zealand pursuing his interests in outdoor activities with his love for gardening, fishing and general husbandry on at least two smallholdings.

His funeral was attended by family relatives in New Zealand with his younger sister, Susan a resident in Auckland, and also his elder sister Carol who travelled from the UK.  Keith’s parents were not able to  attend, his mother being to ill to travel and his father had just returned to the UK having spent some time earlier in April in his new home in Hastings.

In addition to the eulogy of his life read by Carol and Susan, his fellow OPs Rob Hole, Tim Quinlan (68-73) and Mike Wray sent a message of condolence and fond memories.

Keith leaves three sons – Daniel by his first marriage, and Matthew and James by his second marriage to Louise, all of whom still live New Zealand.”