Philip Bellamy (48-53)

Philip Bellamy (48-53) lives in Switzerland. In retirement he spends much of his “free” time making radio-controlled boats and now has a fleet of some 30 or more boats, most of which are models from the Coastal Forces. Through model boat building he got to know another OP resident of Switzerland – Chris Gilson-Taylor (57-61). Philip also is a major contributor to and Honorary Vice President of the Surface Warship Association.


Instead of going to Dartmouth from the NCP, Philip was employed by the Ministry of Defence before going to university for five years to gain a B.Sc. and then working on several defence projects until 1961. At this point he got an offer to go to Switzerland to work on guided missiles. This proved to be a short-lived job  as the Swiss decided to buy a missile off-the-shelf rather than build their own. Philip’s next project involved him in designing, building and testing the main chasis for the ESRO 1 satellite – the first European satellite. This meant working in France and Holland.  Once the ESRO 1 project ended Philip set up a company with the Eurotherm Group to work on industrial process control systems – a business that lasted to his retirement.