Philip Bellamy (48-53) – a tale of incompetence

In 1947 I joined the London group of the Radio Controlled Models Society (RCMS). The group built a model of a DUKW. The problem that I had at the College was to get permission to attend the monthly meetings of the RCMS in London.

In 1951 I was awarded the “Proficiency Prize” and so was asked by the Director of Studies, Mr. Topliss, what I would like as a present, to which I replied “The Amateurs Lathe” by Lawrence H. Sparey. What did Topliss give me on Founders’ Day – a copy of “Erehwon” by Samuel Butler!

In 1952 I again won the “Proficiency Prize” so this time asked for a copy of “High Speed Small Craft” by Cdr. Peter du Cane who was MD of Vospers. What did I get – “Erehwon Revisted!”

Another memory of the NCP is the Science Society, organised in my time by Mr. Beet. I gave many lectures there on topics such as the Sound Barrier, Cavitation of Propellers, Radio Control of Models and so on. Mr. Topliss never attended one of these lectures!”

[Ed. Note: Philip Bellamy went on to have a distinguished career involving satellite technology and industrial process control systems. In retirement in Switzerland he spends much of his time making radio controlled boats and is a leading light in the Surface Warship Association]