President of OP Society visits ‘City of Adelaide’



Richard Shuttleworth (57-62) reports:


“We had a terrific trip to Australia and New Zealand and while we were in Adelaide, but shortened to two days only, I went to have a quick look at the ‘City of Adelaide.’After wandering up,  I met one of the volunteers trying to preserve her.  The vessel is in a cradle on the dock.  When I told them I was OP Society President they were really welcoming and gave us a tour round.  I attach some photos. They told me that they intend to renovate one side of the ship as it would have been but I am not sure fully what their longterm intentions are. However,  it was very encouraging to see their enthusiasm and they were having a D & M house flag made when I was there. My souvenir mug has the flag on it with a 19th century description ‘of the splendid (Clipper) Ship’.”