Richard Kendall (75-79)

Kendall, Richard (75-79)


Richard Kendall (75-79) who is based in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA as CEO of HAECO Americas, a large aerospace and aircraft maintenance company, recently visited Sylvan Heights Bird Park, owned and run by Mike Lubbock (57-61). He was on his way back to Greensboro with his family from the North Carolina coast at the time.


He reports: “Mike and his wife Ali and son Brent were most hospitable and Mike took three hours out of what was quite a busy day for them at the park to show us comprehensively around not only the bird park but also the breeding centre that was the start of their activities in North Carolina. It looks as though they are well on their way to a record number of visitors this year!”


A biography of Mike Lubbock was published in 2014. It is reviewed in the Book Review section of this website.

18. The Waterfowl Man












Earlier, at the start of April, the European aircraft manufacturer Airbus announced that it had selected HAECO Cabin Solutions, a division of HAECO Americas, as its supplier for the Centerline Ceiling Stowage (CCS) compartment line-fit option for the new A320 Family aircraft. Delivery of the new units will begin in the first quarter of 2018. The CCS is designed to hold crew luggage, onboard wheelchairs, life rafts and other emergency equipment and comes in two sizes.


The award is a milestone for HAECO Cabin Solutions which became part of the Hong Kong-based HAECO Group following the acquisition of TIMCO Aerosystems in 2014. “Being a supplier for the A320, known for its innovative cabins of exceptionally high quality, affirms HAECO’s dedication to those same values in our products,” Richard informed the media at the time.



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