Soccer at the College

EPSON scanner image



This rather grainy black-and-white photo has been donated by Richard Givan (57-60).


It shows a real rarity in the history of the Nautical College – a College soccer team which took the field to play a game against the Stewards in November, 1960. The team is:


Back row (ltor): Les Byrne, Sam Strachan, J.N. Edwards, Tiger Knights (referee), Geoff Popple, Andy Wilson, JWP Richardson


Front row (ltor): Stephen Walker, James (Bunny) Allenby, Joe Sievier, Peter Allen, Richard Givan.


According to Richard, none of the participants can recall anything much about the game or the result. At least three in the photo are no longer with us (Tiger Knights, Stephen Walker and Peter Allen). Andy Wilson has not been heard of in years and is “lost.” Les Byrne has recently re-emerged and will be at the OP Dinner in April. Dr. James Allenby lives in Devon and is organising the West Country reunion lunch in Brixham in April. Sam Strachan lives in Australia, Geoff Popple in South Africa, JWP Richardson in East Anglia, Joe Sievier in the Midlands and Richard Givan in Surrey.


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