The NCP in the early 1960s

Mike Beavington (59-63) has been rooting around in his loft again. This time he has been finding old colour slides.  He writes:


“A friend who was a professional photographer has scanned them for me and I have posted some on Google Photos.There are nine pictures. I have added some captions but if it makes it easier I repeat them below. I think it is quite a long time since the College Fireflies were sailed on the Thames, but as you may remember that is where we sailed all our matches and ladder races. I was in the Sailing Top myself and thoroughly enjoyed the sailing in the summer term even though I was never very good.”


1961 - Harbinger on gunroom wall (Beav)1.  Picture of “Harbinger” that used to hang on the Gunroom wall in the division.
1961 - Harbinger at Bowden (Beav)
 1961 - Harbinger at Bowden#2 (Beav)
2. & 3. Bowden House 1960/61 shortly before Harbinger Division moved out.
1960-61 winter - Medway Drive (Beav)1960-61 - Medway Drive in winter#2 (Beav)
4. & 5. The path leading from the parade ground down to Bowden (Medway).
1961 - Sunday parade (Beav)
                                                            6.      Sunday Divisions, probably Summer 1959.
1961 - sailing on the Thames#2 (Beav)
 1961 - sailing on the Thames (Beav)1961 - sailing on the Thames#3 (Beav)

7. 8. & 9. Fireflies on the Thames. In the third picture the boat with the white hull and an “X” on the sail is “Te Kotuku” which means White Heron in Maori. The boat was a gift to the Duke of Edinburgh and was on loan to the college. Members of the Sailing Top could use it. It was a bit big for the Pangbourne reach but nice to sail once around the corner near Beale Park.