The Royal Navy – the NCP contribution

Sometime in 1950-51 the Nautical College produced this unique record of its contribution to the Royal Navy and the Royal Marines at that time – reflecting the school’s wartime contribution. It lists 298 officers then serving in the Royal Navy, 34 in the Royal Naval Reserve and 11 in the Royal Marines who were¬† Old Pangbournians. No Admirals were listed but during the 1950s several of those on the lists such as A.S. Bolt, P.W. Greening, FHE Hopkins and ILM McGeoch became Admirals. And both PW Hellings and NH Tailyour were to rise to command the Marines. Later in the 1950s another surge of OPs were to enter the RN as educational standards rose, producing more admirals including John Webster, Michael Layard and Hugo Moresby White. Thank you Merrick Rayner for unearthing this extraordinary memento.

EPSON scanner image