Tom Woolley (61-65)

Tom Woolley (61-65) (second right in the image below) writes from Scotland about his company Targe Towing:

 Wooley, Tom (60-65) of Targe Towing



“We started this tug business 30 years ago 15 May in Peterhead. Since then we have operated tugs in the NE of Scotland, East Kalimantan Indonesia (21 years) and the Thames (8 years). We are the longest continuous serving contractor to the Forties Pipeline System (24 years) – that business was purchased by INEOS  from BP Exploration last November.  Our contract, renewed last year for 5/10 years,  was novated across and expanded to include all marine services at the Hound Point Crude Oil terminal in the Firth of Forth.


We purchased five vessels last year, four top service the expanded role at Hound Point and one, the green-hulled tug in the attached photo on the starboard bow of the carrier Queen Elizabeth, for Aberdeen.  She, the KITTIWAKE,  is such a dream to handle that I decided to carry out the revalidation courses to renew my Master’s ticket. That will take me up to 75 by which time I should have grown up -  but there’s nothing quite like messing around in boats!




We had six of the eleven tugs on the QE for her departure from Rosyth. I attach an article about the departure from the ITS Magazine.  The cover page centre tug is not ours!  In the separate image, the ones on the left and centre are Targe tugs, among others.”

Targe - QE tow 2017

Targe Towing#1

Targe Towing#2

Targe Towing#3